BIJ ANDREAS can be rented as a location.


Would you like to organize a concert or photo exhibition? BIJ ANDREAS is also a very suitable location for this. BIJ ANDREAS has beautiful acoustics. The church has, among other things, a Steinway grand piano, a Bösendorfer grand piano and a harmonium. BIJ ANDREAS is also available for hire for professional musicians who want to rehearse or make recordings. The location is also very suitable for photo shoots.


Are you looking for a beautiful location for your wedding service, baptismal service, funeral ceremony or other gathering? This is also possible in BIJ ANDREAS. We can receive up to 70 guests.


Do you want to organize a company meeting or lecture? Business rental is also possible in BIJ ANDREAS.


• Church hall + hall
• Capacity up to 70 people
• Balcony on the first floor
• Apartment for backstage
• Professional light and sound
• 2 wings & 1 harmonium
• Darkening possible
• Wheelchair accessible


Dorien van Londen
06 21 824 000

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