When I run out of breath, my life is over
I travel to heaven to give a concert
Because I was far from finished, my voice was not finished
I knock and report there, at that band in the clouds

Hankie Bruinsma - Verbrugh

December 14, 1946
October 23, 2023

BIJ ANDREAS is deeply affected by the death of Hankie Bruinsma Verbrugh, chairman of the Robert F.W. Bruinsma Foundation and co-founder of the Naarden International Piano Festival.

We will do everything we can to further realize Hankie’s dream of connecting people through music, played mainly by young piano talent. Hankie was BIJ ANDREAS, BIJ ANDREAS Hankie was and will be.

Hankie’s farewell took place on October 26 and 27. Instead of flowers, Hankie requested that a donation be made to the foundation via SUPPORT US.

Hankie Bruinsma Verbrugh

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